UW–Madison Ambassador Program

Reach out to your local Ambassador to share feedback about your experiences with campus administrative systems and processes, as well as your hopes and ideas for the Administrative Transformation Program.

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Chief Ambassador

Kayla Driscoll Kayla Driscoll, Department of Chemistry

Academic Administrative Units

ATP Placeholder Amanda Reese, Office of Legal Affairs

ATP Placeholder Anne Murphy-Lom, General Library System

ATP Placeholder Carrie Golden, International Division

ATP Placeholder Daniel Jonas, Chancellor’s Office

ATP Placeholder Erik Geiger, DoIT Communications

ATP Placeholder Jessica Belcher, Collaborative for Advancing Learning & Teaching

ATP Placeholder Kristine Schutte, International Division

Poli Hyseni Poli Hyseni, International Division

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

ATP Placeholder Debra Schneider, Administrative Services

Phil Dunigan Phil Dunigan, Department of Agricultural Research Stations

Sandy Fowler Sandy Fowler, Business Services

ATP Placeholder Tricia Check, Department of Horticulture

ATP Placeholder Vanessa Vosen, Administrative Services

College of Engineering

Katrina Olson Katrina Olson, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

ATP Placeholder Larisa Roberts, Department of Biomedical Engineering

ATP Placeholder Sarah Baldridge, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

College of Letters and Science

ATP Placeholder Amy Maurer, Information School

ATP Placeholder Brian Shore, Geography

ATP Placeholder Brittany Thomson, Center for Healthy Minds

ATP Placeholder ChoonYee Ho-Jonas, Administration

ATP PlaceholderHeena Kansara, Department of Political Science

Jana Valeo Jana Valeo, Department of History

Jennifer Hart Jennifer Hart, School of Journalism and Mass Communication

ATP Placeholder Russ Portier, Social Work

ATP Placeholder Vicki Sekel, Administration

Division of Continuing Studies

ATP Placeholder Andy Richardson, Department Administrator

Sarah Stilp Sarah Stilp, Student Services

Division of Extension

ATP Placeholder Katharine Widlak, Financial Services

ATP Placeholder Marc Serrett, Human Resources

Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

ATP Placeholder Chris Uhlir, Administrative Services

Law School

ATP Placeholder Jennifer Gardner, Accountant

Public Media

ATP Placeholder Bradley Bryant, Director’s Office

ATP Placeholder Erin Cook, Director’s Office

ATP Placeholder Mike Dunn, Director’s Office

ATP Placeholder Morgan Stewart, Director’s Office

School of Education

Robert Trettin Robert Trettin, Dean’s Office

Sarah Gomez Rendon Sarah Gomez Rendon, Dean’s Office

Toby Schellhase Toby Schellhase, Dean’s Office

School of Medicine and Public Health

ATP Placeholder Ebenezer Idowu, Department of Medicine, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine

ATP Placeholder Judy Helt, Department of Anesthesiology

ATP Placeholder Heather J Richter, Fiscal Affairs

ATP Placeholder Liz Coleman, Department of Pathology and Lab Medicine

ATP PlaceholderLorene Seman, Department of Radiology

ATP Placeholder Martha Lamar, Office of Fiscal Affairs

ATP Placeholder Mary Bauer, Carbone Cancer Center

ATP Placeholder Steve Hall, Department of Urology

ATP Placeholder Sue Carlson, Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics

School of Nursing

ATP Placeholder Padmini Prashanth, Administration

School of Pharmacy

Jenni Regan Jenni Regan, Business Services

School of Veterinary Medicine

Fariba Kiani-Anaraki Fariba Kiani-Anaraki, General Administration

ATP Placeholder Jenny Dahlberg, Administration – Research and Graduate Training

Paul Benedict Paul Benedict, Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Lab

Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration (VCFA)

Allison Marie Bua-Demus Allison Marie Bua-Demus, Facilities Planning and Management

ATP Placeholder Caleb Georgeson, University Housing

ATP Placeholder Christine Ray, Office of Human Resources

Daniel Wanish Daniel Wanish, Conference Centers and Mail Services

Ellen Agnew Ellen Agnew, Facilities Planning and Management

Ethan Brower Ethan Brower, University Housing

ATP Placeholder Mary Flessert, Conference Centers and Mail Services

Rachel Laubmeier Rachel Laubmeier, University Police

Tracey Berman Tracey Berman, University Police

Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education (VCRGE)

ATP Placeholder Amanda Thornton, Space Science and Engineering Center

Beth Misco Beth Misco, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

Darlene Holte Darlene Holte, Research and Sponsored Programs

ATP Placeholder Deb Jurmu, Primate Research Center

Jenny Yuan Jenny Yuan, Research and Sponsored Programs

Whitney Schorr Whitney Schorr, Research and Sponsored Programs

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (VCSA)

ATP Placeholder Jeff Sailor, Recreation & Wellbeing

Liz Valentine Liz Valentine, University Health Services

Wisconsin School of Business

ATP Placeholder Allie Demet, Financial Management Office

Lori Finkel Lori Finkel, Dean’s Office

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