Cloud ERP Vendor Demos – Technology Track

The Administrative Transformation Program is seeking a single cloud-based tool to streamline operations within the University of Wisconsin’s human resources and shared financial systems. The selection of this enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is just one step in the process to reimagine the UW’s administrative landscape. 

What we’re looking for: 

  • Strengthened data availability
  • Improved financial controls
  • Enhanced information security 

The selection of a cloud-based ERP system during the Preplanning Phase will prepare ATP for the work in subsequent phases: The capabilities of our new system will serve as a framework upon which to establish improved processes, data quality and availability, and information security.


It’s important to us that you are informed and engaged throughout the process — from preplanning to implementation. So, we are making the demonstrations for each vendor available to watch via livestream. All remote participants must register; acceptance of a confidentiality agreement is required. Sessions will not be recorded. Please seek supervisor approval to participate in livestream sessions.


Oracle Demos

Jan 15 / Details & Agenda

Jan 16 / Details & Agenda

Workday Demos

Jan 22 / Details & Agenda

Jan 23 / Details & Agenda

Selection Process

The ERP selection committee includes subject-matter experts from across the UW system. Vendor demos will take place the weeks of January 14 and January 21. The selection committee will consult with subject-matter experts through late winter and make a selection in spring 2020.