A chance to reimagine how the UW uses UDDS

UDDS, a “smart” numbering structure, was established as a segment of the chart of accounts in the 1970s. Over time, however, it has taken on different meanings for different people and is now used for many purposes.

  • “Smart” numbering is no longer best practice. Modern technology systems have greater flexibility to capture essential data, making smart-numbering structures like UDDS obsolete. Without the current smart numbering system, a modern ERP will still allow us to account for activities to the same degree they are captured today. The values that capture this detail could be new and the structures may look different, but our current organizational hierarchies can be maintained.
  • Its function has shifted over time. Units use UDDS for many different activities — including access management, cost centers, workflow, HR department, curriculum tracking, etc. — creating data management issues that affect the UW on an institutional level.

ATP’s work to transform the University of Wisconsin’s administration, including the eventual implementation of a cloud-based ERP, gives UW the chance to replace UDDS with a system that supports the UW’s complexities and nuances. By working with end users, we can create a new system that yields better data, stronger governance, and improved identity management.

What is UDDS?

Used to identify Unit, Division, Department, and Sub-department, UDDS is a seven-character code used to classify personnel, research, financial, or other activities or transactions.

UDDS work is currently in the Discovery Phase, and we have not made an official recommendation. Because of the broad impact of this effort, ATP will work with end users to assess the various needs across the System.

Current State

  • Values are maintained in separate systems, including the Shared Financial System (SFS), Human Resource System (HRS), and Student Information System (SIS), and systems are not always in alignment
  • Values are governed by different groups, including Finance, HR, and Student Information
  • Values are used differently by individual units and institutions
  • Cost centers are created that do not represent a true place within the organization and produce confusion around identity management

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